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Amarone Barrique Of Vintage 6 Stelle

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Grappa Of Amarone Barrique Vintage 6 Stelle online
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Grappa Amarone Barrique Of Vintage 6 Stelle is the product of the distillation of pomace from the crushing of dried grapes from which it is obtained the precious wine Amarone della Valpolicella.

The skill of the master distillers Bonollo allows you to sculpt the particular flavor profile of this grappa which is characterized by an exceptionally rich and lively aroma, and a softness and balance that surprise and excite even the most demanding connoisseurs. Its full maturity is reached with careful aging in small French oak barrels that allow for the gradual development of harmonious and delicate shades of spice.

Country: Italy / Alc. 42% / Vol. 0.7L

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