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Akashi Single Malt Whisky 5yo

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Rich sherry notes, with lots of demerara sugar, vanilla and home-made caramel pudding. There are spices scuttling about in the shadows here; cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. It has a soft floral touch as well. Very delicate and well integrated nose for a 5 YO whisky.
Smooth and soft. Sherry notes take center stage here as they did on the nose. Another very noticeable element here is a clear acidity, slightly citrusy in character – but there is also something else that I cannot fully nail down. It is a pleasant acidity, to be sure, but a bit strange. Rich and full-bodied. Quite fruity, both dried fruits and the fresher kind.
As the acidity recedes a very soft and delightful sweetness takes over. The finish is surprisingly long and warm. It takes on mild floral notes, and an almost chewy cinnamon taste towards the end.

Origin: Japan / Alc. 50% / Vol. 500 ml

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