ZAKA Panama Rum

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ZAKA Rum is a collection of unique, rare and mysterious rums produced in the most beautiful corners of the world. In the traditional voodoo world, ZAKA is considered the god of farmers and agriculture. He is often depicted as a farmer, dressed in a blue robe and carrying a large bag ("macoute" or "diacoute"), which is traditionally worn.       

After 7 years of ageing in American and French oak barrels, ZAKA Panama Rum shows an incredibly complex and profound character. On the nose it is flowery and spicy with its purple tones. On the palate it can fully display its charm through its ageing in selected oak barrels. The long finish completes the complexity of this unique rum.    

We recommend enjoying ZAKA Panama Rum straight or on ice.    

Origin: Panama / Alc. 42% / Vol. 70cl  

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