Weisswange Indian Tonic Water 4x20cl

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The Indian Tonic Water is thus the classic among the Tonics. Is considered the supreme discipline for any ambitious Bitter Beverage Manufactory, is thus the biggest challenge in the flavor implementation and interpretation.

Kim Weisswange has been working on the final recipe of the Weisswange Indian Tonic Waters for 7 years to gain that exquisite and noble taste. The active ingredient quinine, which is extracted from the cinchona tree, in conjunction with Moroccan orange blossom water, hand-pressed Sicilian lemon and Indian lime oil provide a pure and classy bouquet. In the taste refreshing dry, with a taste of the finest citrus fruits on the nose and palate, dissolved in the purest water enriched with fine-sparkling, exquisite carbon dioxide. An Indian Tonic Water indulgence that is second to none.

Origin: Germany / Vol. 20cl
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