Vodka "Squadra Russa" Military plane silver

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Russian vodka is a mixture of wheat alcohol and water. Pretty simple - actually. The difference is in the filtering. Before the water comes into contact with the alcohol, the vodka runs through quartz sand, activated carbon, an osmosis system and is additionally irradiated with UV light. The purified water is mixed with neutral alcohol in the classic ratio of 60 to 40. For the noble vodka, alcohol of the most expensive type "Alfa" is used, which is quite different from the classic types of alcohol due to the highest and purest quality. This mixture is once again passed through charcoal filters. This causes oxidation, which enriches the liquid with air. This expensive type of vodka "Russian Squadron" gets an additional special treatment with silver-coated coal.

The Russian vodka would now be ready. However, before it is actually bottled, it has to rest in huge metal tanks with air supply for at least two weeks. This is how the vodka "Squadra Russa" is created.  

A unique clow of the brand - a floating product in a bottle that looks like a lighthouse, an airplane, a jewel made of real 925 silver. All this makes Vodka "Russian Squadra" (as in the picture) a truly luxurious, prestigious and exclusive product, which can serve as an elite gift for friends or business partners. Collect the whole series and get a gift from us, let us surprise you!

Oirigin: Russia / Alc. 40% / Vol. 70cl / Giftbox
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