Vodka Mlechnyi Put 0.7L / 40%

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Mlechnyi Put – Milky Way. This is the name of the latest and most exclusive product from the renowned Russian distillery "Mordovspirt" in Saransk. This is an extraordinary vodka in every sense of the word, based on a unique, strictly guarded recipe that uses "alpha alcohol". This is a drinking alcohol of the purest and highest grade. "Alpha"is referred to by the producer as a "fifth generation vodka" despite the fact that the fourth-generation base product, "Vodka LUX", for whose production the finest distillates were used from best quality raw materials, is almost unsurpassable in quality and purity.

However, »alpha« is much more than just another step in the quality scale. This top product undergoes a total of eight high-efficiency filtering and refining processes – including silver filtration and an advanced refining process using lactoprotein – until the raw product attains such a high level of purity and refinement that is rarely found among spirits such as these. These properties predestine "alpha" as the base for the most exclusive vodkas on the market.

In actual fact, the "Mlechnyi Put" is a vodka with a unique taste and a full, lingering aroma that blossoms on the tongue and in the throat. It charms experts in the trade as well as habitués and newcomers alike. A vodka so pure that it would be sacrilegious to down in one gulp as old traditions dictate. Rathermore, it should be placed cold on the tongue, drunk in small sips, and enjoyed slowly and deliberately to allow the full aroma to develop in the mouth and palate.

The exclusive taste also merits a special presentation: A cylindrical bottle with many extras – including a space to indicate the correct drinking temperature and a bottle transparency with an image resembling the Milky Way – held at top and bottom in two bright metallic cylinders giving the package the impression of a space vehicle.

In addition, the bottle has two safety systems to protect it from piracy and unauthorized changes in content: A tamper evident seal which prevents the unnoticed first opening of the bottle, and an ultraviolet-sensitive graphic element affixed to the label.


"Mlechnji Put" was the enormous sensation at the "ProdExpo 2007" exhibition where it received the highest award, the »ProdExpo Golden Star«. This success was repeated with no less grandeur at "ProdExpo 2008" and "ProdExpo 2009". To judge by all reactions so far from connoisseur circles in the West, it is expected that the product will unleash the same positive response as it has enjoyed so far in its country of origin.


Drinking alcohol of the highest quality state »alpha«, specially treated spring water from artesian wells filtered several times, refined with special aromas and consolidated in the final distillation.


Cylindrical, annealed glass bottle in futuristic design with bright metallic head and foot containing

Vol. 0.7L / Alc. 40%



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