Vodka Akdov Ultimate (6L) Mathusalem

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VODKA AKDOV Ultimate is a revolution in the world of alcohol in the world of vodka. He remains Vodka, but makes thanks to the one-year storage in oak barrels, the golden color and unique flavor competitors such fine products such as whiskey and cognac. Production method: using the unique "reverse" (the distillate passes sequentially through 10 distillation columns and then retraces back, so you get the most out of purity and softness). This is followed by the addition of natural water of Tatarstan, for the reduction of the alcohol, and a complex process of carbon filtration.
This vodka, moreover, is aged in large oak casks Russian, for a period of time kept secret. It has a beautiful golden yellow color, with shades of amber. The nose, the scent is fresh, clean, with pleasant hints of vanilla. The taste however, is full yet clean, with great balance. This vodka is served at room temperature, ideal with smoked salmon.

Akdov Ultimate - the first "golden" vodka in the world. Gold is everywhere in this product. Black and Gold - Design, liquid "gold." - The vodka itself the highest awards of the professionals at international exhibitions are the best evidence for its exceptional quality. VODKA AKDOV Ultimate is a companion to the connoisseurs of excellent alcohol and an indispensable part of "luxury life". Change your point of view. See things from a different perspective. Switch from a conventional VODKA on AKDOV.

Vodka Akdov Ultimate. 12 months in barriques.

 Origin: Russia / 40% / Vol. 6L(Mathusalem)


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