Viche Pitia N°30 Lemon on Milk 0.7L / 43%

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The historical counterpart of Viche Pitia - Lemon on Milk is the vodka called lemon on milk. Together with Ioanna and Listovka vodkas, lemon on milk was the most popular vodka drunk in the upper echelons of society at the time of the Russian Empire. Viche Pitia - Lemon on Milk is produced in accordance with all the principles from the time of Ekaterina the Great, using unpasteurised milk and fresh lemons. It is distilled in copper pot stills without being diluted with water. 43% alcohol. Viche Pitia: The unique taste of 18th century Russian aperitifs. It is a strong alcoholic drinks made from grain using Russian recipes dating back to the XVIII century: Viche Pitia is a result of a French and Russian cooperation.

Alc. 43% / Vol. 0.7L - In Gift Box

Country: France



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