The Epicurean Lowland Douglas Laing Whisky

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The Epicurean was created in Lowland by Douglas Laing & Co., it is a blended malt Scotch whiskey. His story is about a man from Glasgow who lived in the 1930s. A cheeky guy who devoted his life to enjoyment. Epicurean means Epicurean (= for enjoyment, directed towards enjoyment). The Scotsman was created from a marriage of the best malts from the lowlands. Of course, this drop by David Laing comes uncolored and without cooling filtration in the bottle and combines the best that the east and west coast of Scotland has to offer. An impressive powerhouse of intense aromas of malted barley, citrus and herbs, wonderfully complemented by an abundance of floral notes.

On the nose, multi-faceted notes of barley, citrus, flowers and fresh herbs appear and the palate also surprises The Epicurean Whiskey with full-bodied aromas of brown sugar, thyme, ripe peaches and spices, with a long-lasting finish of roasted almonds and fresh herbs.

Origin: Scotland / Alc. 46.2% / vol. 70cl
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