Super Jalisco Tequila Porfidio Plata 39,3% 0.7L

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is an unwooded, fresh blue agave spirit that is ideal for white spirits aficionados, new-age tequila martini drinkers and, ultimately,true premium margarita lovers. Differing from vodka but fundamentally similar to fruite aux-de-vie and quality gins,'The Plata by Porfidio' aims to bring flavor intensity to the fore. Meticulous fermentation and alembic distillation ensure that the full flavor of the raw material - in our case, the blue agave - emerges, rather than aiming for the flavor neutrality typical of vodkas. The blue agave plant has an intrinsic dry,herbal aroma, and this aroma profile is correctly and naturally represented in 'The Plata', without the presence of any alienating or flavor-distorting additives. It is simply, naturally stunning, for those who truly appreciate white spirits.
Made from 100% Blue Agave
Made from fully mature 10 year old Blue Agave plants
Agaves processed via heat hydrolysis in a stainless steel autoclave steam cooking process
One pressing of cooked agave plants only (= only virgin agave juice used)
Naturally fermented
Alembic-distilled, not column-distilled
Triple alembic-distilled, not simply double alembic-distilled
Unwooded and bottled 'fresh' after distillation
As always, finest quality, hand-made glass bottle.
Note the detail that the glass cactus figurine is made in amethyst glass which carries the special effect that it reflects different mood or emotional shifts by changing colors from lilac to celestial blue to royal dark blue, depending on the light source.
Color-intensive lilac during a sunny day, celestial blue on a rainy day, dark blue in the evening, and everything in between.
A perfect conversation piece!
Note: Color changes are not an imaginative reflection of your state of sobriety, as our staff are frequently asked.
As always, note the detail of red glass fruits on the glass cactus figurine in each cactus bottle.
Note that some carton boxes still carry the previous, pre-2012 design.


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