Sir Dry Gin

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The Sir Dry Gin is assigned to the oldest category of gin, the London Dry Gin. It is produced 100% in Switzerland, at the Macardo distillery, according to a secret recipe. For its production, 19 different, mainly organic botanicals are used, without the addition of colorants or sugar, which makes this gin very complex and refined. 

On the palate, Sir Dry Gin is very mild, with fine notes of juniper and citrus. The 19 botanicals such as mint, aniseed, coconut, lime peel, black tea, etc. are perfectly balanced and harmonize fruity and pleasant, with a slight spiciness in the finish. 

Our drinking suggestion: chilled pure or as an addition to a classic gin and tonic cocktail.

Origin: Switzerland / Alc. 42% / Vol. 70cl
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