Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, almost a thousand kilometres from Madagascar. The island was spared from human influences and was home of the dodo, a chubby bird. In 1507, the first colonial masters raised their flag and the island was gradually settled. Unfortunately, the dodo is extinct today and only adorns the emblem of Mauritius. 

In Mauritius, since the late 19th century, sugar cane is industrially cultivated. And as the enterprising Britons controlled the destiny of Mauritius for a long time, they also brought their extensive sugar know-how from the Caribbean. One of their experiences was the processing of sugar cane waste or excess production into rum. Various distilleries sprouted from the ground, evenly distributed over the island. Of these, Labourdonnais, Chamarel and St. Aubin are still prominent today. And that's where it gets unusual for the first time: a British island with French names? Throughout history, the island has been home to British, French, Portuguese, Dutch and half a million "contract servants", mainly from India. Depending on the region, the island is therefore Dutch, Portuguese, French, British or even Indian. And although the French era is only a minor part of the history, French as a language as well as the "Rhum Agricole" has become established. A significant example of this unusual linguistic hybrid is the Rum Castle and plantations of the Labourdonnais distillery, which was built and developed by a British man. 

The rum of the distillery Labourdonnais is made from sugar cane juice, like almost every rum on the island. Molasses-based rums are historically a big exception in Mauritius. Labourdonnais delights with bottlings of different ages. The most popular on the island are the young, filtered varieties and the flavoured rum liqueurs. Lemon grass, raisins, cloves, cinnamon, oranges, vanilla, coffee or ginger are used by Labourdonnais as well as by its two biggest competitors. On the other hand, the long-stored rums tend to score higher on the export market. Thus vintage bottlings from former cognac barrels or single cask bottlings are the flagships of the Labourdonnais distillery.  



Mauritius DODO White Rum

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Mauritius DODO Dark Rum - Gift Bottle

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