Rum Damoiseau Blanc

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"Rhum blanche" is the white rum of Damoiseau called in connoisseur circles. It is produced by the distillery Bellevue, which was bought by Damoiseau in 1942. The sugar cane needed for the rum production was partly cut by hand. After distillation, the "Rhum Blanche" is stored for three to six months in wooden barrels with a capacity of 10'000 to 60'000 litres, with about 70 percent alcohol by volume. After the ageing phase, the alcohol content is reduced by adding water. This production process gives the rum the quality and authenticity so appreciated by rum lovers.

The white Damoiseau Rhum Blanc Agricole is characterised by its aromatic diversity. On the nose it shows rich fruity notes, on the palate it is characterized by a surprisingly wide range of floral, fruity and spicy aromas as well as the typical taste of fresh sugar cane. This makes it the perfect rum for cocktails and "Ti" Punch Créole. The Damoiseau Rhum Blanc Agricole has won several awards at the Paris Concours Général Argicole.

Origin: Guadeloupe / Alc. 50% / Vol. 70cl


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