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Rarely seen with a touch of luxury vodka and if so, only to expensive prices where you are than to be a lot of money, more shine. In Saint-Eve Vodka is alleerdings Everything fits, price, taste and appearance, what more could you want ... But we come but the essential. Not only the bottle surprised in an exclusive design, painted in white gloss (almost like Porsche), but the content can bring to the connoisseurs astonishment. Saint-Eve Vodka is made from only the finest ingredients. Here, a selectiertes domestic wheat and crystal clear spring water and are the basis of erultimativen vodka enjoyment.

The production of Vodka takes place after a 100-year-old and constantly refined original recipe in an international award winning traditional distillery in Germany. By sixfold distillation and a long-term filtration and adding a secret ingredients from French region of Champagne is ensured that the Vodka gets a really true and incomparable taste mild. A Vodka -Genuss on the highest level. The complete filling of the bottle into a beautiful white high gloss lacquer takes place exclusively in manual work. It was only after a careful control a label of metal on velvet and even an encore with an original Saint-Eve-Vodka seal is placed. Wow! Full consideration ...

The bottle is in a beautiful black velvet pouch ausgelifert and is more than an eye-catcher. It's Saint-Eve in its full elegance. The vodka connoisseurs will simply not let this ultimate fire out of the eyes. The special thing one can appreciate that the manufacturer by the sale of vodka, a Saint - called Eve charitiy to life and donate through each bottle sold a portion of the proceeds and institutions which, in a special way to children people with disabilities, needy or other important social concerns endeavor. And that is appreciated ... The average gives the world its existence, the extraordinary your value.

Origin: Germany / vol 700ml / Alk 40%.

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