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Although best known for its legendary Vintage Ports, Taylor’s is also one of the most respected producers of 10 Year Old Tawny Port. This style of Port is fully matured in seasoned oak casks each holding about 630 litres of wine. Here, over many years of ageing, the wine gradually takes on its characteristic amber ‘tawny’ colour, slowly developing the complex mellow flavours and the smooth luscious palate which are the hallmarks of Tawny Port. Taylor’s blends its magnificent 10 year old tawny from its extensive reserves of old cask aged Ports matured in the firm’s cool and tranquil cellars (known as ‘lodges’) in Oporto on Portugal’s Atlantic coast. Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawny is a superb example of the aged tawny style. Mellow and elegant, combining delicate wood notes with rich aromas of mature fruit, it is bottled for immediate drinking.
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Taylor’s 10 Year Old makes a delicious dessert wine, and combines particularly well with flavours of almonds, berry fruit or dark chocolate. It can also be enjoyed as an accompaniment for rich, blue veined cheeses. It is excellent at the end of the meal, as a crowning moment of an enjoyable evening, served on its own or with a plate of walnuts or roasted almonds. They benefit from being served slightly chilled, particularly in warm weather.

Country. Portugal

Alc. 20%

Vol. 700ml



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