Omar Bourbon Cask Whisky

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A Taiwanese single malt whisky matured in Bourbon casks at Nantou Distillery. Nantou is located in Nantouhsien, which started distillation of Whisky spirit in 2008 using four pot stills which were manufactured by Forsyths of Rothes, Speyside.

The colour is deep golden yellow and the nose is fresh and very sweet. The initial aromas are of vanilla, golden syrup and coconut with further aromas of ginger, sponge cake and lemon meringue underneath. On the palate there is plenty of oaky notes and as these fade, other notes are allowed through - think of vanilla, honey, coconut and candied lemons with some cinnamon and ginger spice in the background. With time some lovely juicy tropical fruit notes develop especially peach/apricot, papaya and a hint of banana. The finish becomes increasingly dry as the sweet and fruity notes fade to leave the warming woody and spicy elements. 

Origin: Taiwan / Alc.46% /Vol. 70cl
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