Mezcal Marca Negra Espadin

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The mother of all tequilas is called Mezcal. This exquisite drink is only produced in certain regions of Mexico. The Mezcal Marca Negra Espadin comes from the city of Oaxaca and is made 100% from the agave variety Espadin, whereby it is subjected to a double distillation. It is bottled in a unique bottle whose design is reminiscent of earlier medicine bottles. 

The Mezcal Marca Negra Espadin convinces with a wealth of aromas. Fragrances of smoke and spices invite the connoisseur to always discover a new taste. On the palate, the Mezcal Marca Negra Espadin is very soft, with slightly sweet and spicy notes. A long finish rounds off the drinking experience. 

Origin: Mexico / Alc. 50% / Vol. 70cl

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