Meermaid Infused Rum

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Although produced in Germany, Meermaid Infused Rum offers the full exotic taste of the Caribbean. Because one part of Meermaid Infused has already gone on a long journey: its heart, a blended rum, comes from Jamaica and Trinidad. The distillate is selected by the producer with the utmost care.

Meermaid Infused Rum is macerated in a small distillery southwest of Berlin. The individual ingredients are added to the imported distillate by hand and removed one after the other. Filtered and without the addition of sugar or artificial flavours, the rum is finally bottled in the lovingly designed bottles.

The Meermaid Infused is a flavoured rum. With 100 % natural ingredients, a finely tuned recipe and handmade production, it stands for authentic taste. The recipe of 17 ingredients is the result of great joy of experimentation: tonka beans and raisins, fruit peels and various spices create the complex aroma and the unmistakable character of Meermaid Infused.

Meermaid Infused is drunk by those who love adventure. Pure - on ice or without. With its fruity mild and spicy aromas it is also suitable for classic Tiki Drinks and fresh Highball variations. Versatility is just one of the many strengths of Meermaid Infused Rum!

Origin: Germany / Alc. 40% / Vol. 70cl
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