Master's London Dry Gin - 3L Jeroboam bottle

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Incredible 3 litre Master's London Dry Gin from a Jéroboam bottle for your party! A gin doesn't always have to come from England - there are also more and more distilleries in the USA and continental Europe that specialise in juniper brandy. The Master's London Dry Gin is produced by MG distillery near Barcelona, which has 140 years of experience in the production of spirits. The Master's London Dry Gin comes in a bright blue bottle, which immediately arouses the curiosity of the guests in every bar.

The Master's London Dry Gin is a premium gin and is triple distilled. All botanicals such as cardamom from Guatemala and coriander from Spain, mixed with juniper, are added at the first distillation. Other ingredients like oranges, bitter oranges and lemons are distilled separately. 

All these ingredients are macerated separately in alcohol for a year and only then are they mixed, followed by a third distillation. The taste of Masters London Dry Gin is very refreshing and smooth with balanced and fruity tones. On the palate, it is not too intense, but remains long on the palate - a gin to remember.

The Masters London Dry Gin goes very well with all tonic waters and is an indispensable part of every gin-based cocktail or long drink.

Origin: Spain / Alc: 40% / Vol. 3 litres in a gift box. 

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