Macardo Swiss Bourbon Whisky

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Every whisky fan knows that the most popular type of whisky, Bourbon, is produced in the US state of Kentucky. The designation "Bourbon" is protected by law worldwide, as certain basic conditions must be observed during production. For example, for the production of Bourbon Whisky, the mash must contain at least 51% corn kernel and the maturation must take place for at least two years in new casks made of American oak. The Bourbon produced by the Macardo Distillery not only fulfills all the criteria set by U.S. law, but exceeds them by far. More than 51% Thurgau corn is used for the production and the aging is done for at least 5 years in new toasted (inside charred) barrels made of American white oak.

The result is a premium Bourbon Whisky, which cuts a wonderful figure in the glass with a beautiful gold-amber color. In the nose you can detect nice fruity notes of dried fruits, vanilla and cereals, but also floral nuances of geranium. On the palate the Macardo Swiss Bourbon Whisky shows its complexity of aromas from the first sip, long lasting and with a lot of power. Nonetheless, the finish is very velvety, floral and elegant. Bourbon connoisseurs will be delighted with Macardo Swiss Bourbon Whisky.

Origin: Switzerland / Alc. 42% / Vol. 70cl
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