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Kinross Citric & Dry Gin is produced in copper kettles, where it is subjected to a triple distillation. The Citric & Dry version of Kinross Premium Gin is a distilled gin with the emphasis on fresh and citrusy aromas.  The beautiful combination of all the botanicals such as orange and lemon peel, Ceylon, cinnamon, coriander, juniper berries and iris root give the gin a very pleasant taste and a soft finish and show its pure character. 

The Gin Kinross Citric & Dry is an excellent way to reinterpret the gin-based long drink and cocktail classics. The Gin Kinross Citric & Dry, for example, looks great in a classic gin tonic and also impresses with its wonderful aromatic structure in gin fizz or martini. 

The perfect gift idea: Kinross Gin Citric & Dry in a beautiful gift box with balloon glass

Origin: Spain / Alc. 40% / 70cl.

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