JOHNETT Swiss Single Malt Whisky

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The first JOHNETT with a smoky aroma has proved to be a great success. nterestingly, its smokiness does not exactly predominate, but simply contributes to the overall experience. To say it is subtle would be an understatement, because it can clearly be tasted on the palate, but the smokiness doesn’t dominate. The reason for this balance cannot – as one would think – be found in the malt. On this point the Etters have remained true to themselves and used the same malt mixture as for their other whiskies. The smoky aroma in fact comes from the vats in which the whisky was seasoned. In the final blending of JOHNETT 2011, some of the vats that were used in Switzerland had previously contained peaty whiskies from the Scottish Island of Islay. They still exuded enough aroma to give the JOHNETT its smoky image. Verdict: an experience definitely not to be missed!

Colour: intensive gold
Bouquet: ripe, seasoned fruit such as pears, blackberries and dried plums, abundant pear peel,
Rum sultanas, butter cream with freshly-scraped vanilla pods, cocoa powder with milk, semolina pudding in a kirsch sauce, a gentle hint of roasting. Give the whisky time to breathe and it becomes even softer.

Palate: Boom! Suddenly you sense the smokiness on your palate. The flavour hits you unexpectedly since it hadn’t been detectable when nosing the whisky. The smokiness feels cool and lightly-perfumed at first. It is still very soft, but no longer as blatantly fruity, only the peel is dominant, all together very malty with a pleasant malt-sugar structure and a very delicate hint of roasting, while the palate prickles with a hint of

Finish: The smoky aroma slowly becomes warmer and hence more complex. For a short while it dominates the whole aromata before slowly disappearing to make way for the notes of ripe fruit. Later, after several minutes, the palate senses the dry feeling influenced by the wooden vat.

Remark: The transformation that takes place in this whisky from nosing to tasting must be
unique in its intensity.

Country: Switzerland / Alc. 44% / Vol. 70cl

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