Glendalough Wild Seasonal Botanical Gin

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A gin very different from the others. Even from year to year it differs from the previous batch. Every year at harvest time its creators visit the wilderness of the Wicklow Mountains to collect herbs together with a botanist friend. They pick seasonal herbs and distil them the very next day. These herbs include broom, dandelion, ginger, beech leaves, myrrh chervil, primroses, hawthorn leaves, woodruff leaves, ivy, wood sorrel, birch sap or spearmint. This is "the garden of Ireland" in a bottle! On each bottle is a landscape photograph taken at the place and on the day the ingredients were collected.

From collecting the ingredients, to bottling and labelling, everything is carefully done by hand - without any mechanical assistance. During distillation, 10 to 15 other ingredients are added to the gin in addition to the basic mixture of 11 regular gin ingredients. These flowers and plants grow wild around the distillery. This special mixture is put into the Holstein Kupfer Still, where the distillation takes place. The end result is worth the effort: a rare, unique gin in small numbered batches.  

Origin: Ireland / Alc. 41% / Vol. 70cl 
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