Feel! Munich Dry Gin

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What once began with a passionate idea - now adorns the label of Feel! Munich Dry Gin. The character of a first-class gin combines the high standards of its creator with exquisite ingredients. For Feel! Munich Dry Gin, it took almost a year and a lot of patience to combine the 17 fruits and spices contained in it, which come from controlled organic cultivation, into an unforgettable taste experience. Decisive for the unique aroma of this gin is the high quality of the individual fruits and spices. They come from controlled organic cultivation and only find their way into the copper cauldron after careful hand selection and meticulous inspection. When mature, the typical juniper note of gin first develops, followed by a fruity aroma of fresh blueberries, limes and aronia berries.

The light spiciness of coriander that flares up afterwards is gently absorbed by the floral essence of lavender, leaving an indescribable mildness. In order to achieve this extraordinary softness, Feel! Munich Dry Gin is distilled several times, slowly and particularly gently. After a very fine filtration enriched with pure Munich water until it reaches its alcohol content of 47%. In order to preserve the unmistakable and natural aromas, cold treatment is deliberately avoided, which can cause the gin to cloud over at low temperatures.
Before the Feel! Munich Dry Gin can be enjoyed as a pure or as a base for long drinks, it is stored in our distillery for three months. As much care is taken with the contents, each bottle is sealed and packed by hand. This is as much a part of the creation of premium quality as the unmistakable fruity-fresh character of the gin. Uniqueness does not require large quantities - Feel! Munich Dry Gin is a real matter of feeling and only available in selected restaurants, retail stores and online.


Drink it. Feel it. Love it.

Country: Germany / Alc: 47% / Vol: 70cl

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