Don Papa Rum 10 Years

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The Don Papa Rum 10 Years is produced by the Bleeding Heart Rum Company on the Philippine island of Negros and is launched in a strictly limited small batch premium edition. Only 2,000 bottles were filled. 

This unique rum is distilled from the world's finest sugar cane and rests for another ten years in American oak barrels at the foot of Mount Kanlaon, where it reaches its perfection. The "Angel's Share", i.e. the proportion that evaporates during storage, is particularly high due to the weather conditions in the Philippines. Since it is Philippine tradition not to make up for the losses caused by this, the result is an extremely dark, intense and highly concentrated rum. The aromas of candied fruit and vanilla as well as a dash of lemon are in the foreground and inspire every rum lover. In the nose or on the palate, the perfection of this rum leaves nothing to be desired. A long finish completes the pleasure of Don Papa 10 years. 
Our recommendation: Don Papa 10 Years Rum is best enjoyed pure to taste its variety of aromas.

Origin: Philippines / Alc. 43% / Vol. 70cl


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