D Premium Vodka - 700ml / 40%

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"D Premium Vodka" is a superior Vodka of choice, distilled from 100% wheat grains without any additives. This Vodka comes to us directly from "Spirit Valey" in region Cognac, France. The quality of this ingredients quarantees a final product worthy of being called a work of art, in terms of both its quality and flavour. The bottle distinguishes itself with its strinking multi-faceted form, standing out boldly and proudly from the competition. The contrast of the black glass body with the inspiring embedded crystal from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the world leader in cut crystal, affers a stunning finish to a truly deserving product.

D PREMIUM VODKA - Carefully selected to be of only the highest quality, the wheat grains are fed through a grinding mil. The flour is then mixed with water and seeded with natural enzymes to convert the natural starches into sugars.

This productes a wheat "wine" which smells rather similar to toast. This wine is distilled up to 5 times ans passed through a recification column to remove as mnay impurities as possible. After the addition of a delicate measure of contaminuation-free demineralised spring water to obtain a 40% per volumen premium spirit, "D Premium" Vodka is extensively filtered through a multitude of natural vetable cellulose sheets until it obtains its final visibly crytallline purity.

D Premium Vodka is quaranteed to be 100% natural. Perfectly complementing for your events, partys and evenings.

Country: France / Alc. 40% / Vol. 700ml

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