Genghis Khan Vodka

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Genghis Khan Vodka is the first Mongolian quadruple distilled organic deluxe vodka of excellent taste and supreme quality, an experience of sophistication. Made from carefully selected organic wheat, grown in unspoiled soil of Genghis Khan, the motherland of the greatest warrior and the man if the millennium. Mixed with pure string water of Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, which gives the smooth finish whilst being strong and gentle. To guarantee perfection Genghis Khan Vodka is quadruple distilled and filtered through quintuple filtration process, which involves five natural elements of filtration which offers to its distinguished consumers the smoothest vodka of its kind. Each bottle is plated with 14K Gold and in very nice Gift box.

Herkunft: Mongolei / Alc. 39.5% / Vol. 700ml

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